Long Term Loans

When a business opportunity presents itself, and you need substantial funding to take it up, a LOOP Long Term loan can help you explore it.

Whether you are ready to move to a larger business premise and fit it out, stock up a new shop after expanding, buy a new vehicle or business equipment, acquire land, or borrow working capital to secure a business deal, get a LOOP Term Loan and quickly put your plans into action.

The business LOOP Overdraft facility will help unlock your growth potential with options designed to meet your working capital requirements as you build a good credit history and boost your credit scores.

With a business LOOP Term Loan at your fingertips, you can feel more prepared for whatever opportunity that could come next. The LOOP Term Loan is unsecured and can easily be accessed with an instant credit assessment decision.


Why choose to put your plans into action with LOOP Term Loans?

  • Get quick access to unsecured loans to help your business grow
  • Know exactly how much you need to repay with fixed monthly instalments
  • Get to repay your loan stress-free over a period of up to 6 months
  • Get an instant credit decision in under 3 minutes upon application

Invest a minimum of 1,000

Enjoy up to 7.3 % per annum

Invest from 3 to 12 months

Easy set up on your phone, no paperwork

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