Accept LOOP

As a LOOP registered merchant, you can accept payments with your LOOP QR code and create convenient checkouts for your customers.

Your QR code will store your payment account details, enabling your business to collect money from customers when they are checking out of your store.

Easily set up and collect payments from your customers from one place when they scan your LOOP QR code at the store, helping you to boost sales and increase efficiency by simplifying and speeding up transactions, reducing the risks of handling cash and improving the checkout experience.

You also get the confidence that LOOP provides when it comes to ensuring that transactions are safe and fast as well as easy to track and reconcile when accepting LOOP payments.


Why choose to register and accept payments with LOOP?

Enjoy the convenience of easy and fast checkouts for your customers whenever they scan to pay with your merchant QR code

Lower the risk associated with handling cash when your customers are checking out

Easily monitor and reconcile all transactions collected across multiple sub-merchants/stores using unique till store wallets.

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