Standing Orders


It can get exhausting trying to remember all the payments you need to make regularly, right? It can get worse if you forget a few. Well, your LOOP app is here to help.

With LOOP’s Standing Orders feature, you can easily schedule your personal and business payments and savings, keeping your finances on track automatically.

Setting up a standing order with LOOP means a fixed amount of money gets transferred from your account to another on a regular basis – weekly, monthly, or annually.

Using standing orders for your recurring bills, like rent or loan payments, ensures they’re always on time and saves you from those pesky late fees. You can also set the standing order to transfer money into your savings or investment accounts, helping you stick to your budgeting and saving goals.


  • You never have to be late with your bills, expenses, and loan repayments again.
  • Make the most out of your savings and investments by depositing cash right on time
  • Keep faithful to all your budgets and savings goals

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