We’ve all had unexpected expenses come our way, be it emergencies or short-term cash needs when your account balance dips.

With your LOOP Overdraft, you can handle these situations with ease. You’ll be able to bolster your account up to a potential limit of KES.100,000, and have the space to repay within 30 days. So you don’t have to worry about ensuring you never missing opportunities, no matter the circumstance.

Increasing your overdraft amount is not a chore — you just have to use LOOP more often. Add to your deposits and make your payment with LOOP. You also need to keep a strong credit score and history. And with just that, you’ll be able to meet life’s surprises and opportunities head on!


  • Your LOOP Overdraft is immediately available to you whenever you need it within your limit.
  • Your 30-day repayment period gives you room to breathe and all you need to do is deposit money into your account.
  • The overdraft interest is among the lowest you can find.
  • Just keep using the LOOP app increase the overdraft limit

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