LOOP Invest

When it comes to investing, knowing where to start can be a daunting task.

LOOP Invest takes the stress out of investing making it simple and easy to use.

We believe your money needs to make you more money that’s why we offer up to 7.3% interest rates per annum on your Invest with no management fee or hidden charges.

Even more, you can invest as low as KES.1,000 ensuring that you have the opportunity to start making money from your money, no matter the amount.


Why use LOOP Invest?

Invest as little as KES.1,000 and enjoy high returns

Earn a high return of up to 7.3% per annum from your Invest

Get your money and earnings with no extra management charges

Secure your money with a partner with a solid banking background

Get access to your money within 48 hours, no need for paperwork, no fuss

Set up to 10 different LOOP Invests at the same time

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This is an investment option offered to customers that seek to preserve and grow their cash, with a guaranteed rate of return on their invested amount.

To fund your accounts, you can move funds from either your LOOP current account or your Linked card.

To set-up a LOOP Investment, follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Home Page
  2. Select ‘Investment’
  3. Click on Set up Investment then Enter the Investment Title and the amount
  4. Select Investment Period of between 3 months to 12 months and select break option.
  5. Select the action at maturity either as ‘Payout’ or ‘Re-invest’ then Select ‘Proceed’ to complete set-up.

Break option: This option should be set to Y if you think you will need to access the funds invested before the maturity date. This option has a direct impact on the return on investment.

Payout: On Maturity of the investment, we will pay out your Investment amount plus any interest earned to date into your LOOP current account.

Re-investOn Maturity of the investment, we will re-invest your investment plus interest earned to date for another similar period.

For now, there is no option to top up on an already existing Investment. However, you can create up to a maximum of 10 Investment accounts and manage them through the portfolio view.

The minimum amount you can invest is KES 1,000 while the maximum is KES 999,999.

You can choose to invest for a period of 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months or 12 Months.

Your investment will earn an applicable interest rate that ranges from 6% to 7% depending on your investment tenure and break options you select while setting up your investment.

The ‘Withdraw’ option on your specific set Investment allows you to withdraw from your set investment funds after a period.

Should you withdraw from your investment and you had not selected a break option, the return on investment rate will be revised downwards to take into account the unexpected request.

You will also be able to view your interest earned to withdrawal date.

To withdraw funds from your investment account;


  1. Go to the Home Page
  2. Select ‘Investment’
  3. A display summary of your Set Investments will appear
  4. Choose the specific investment that you would like to withdraw from and click on the ‘Withdraw’ button at the bottom of screen
  5. A notification will appear on the screen for you to confirm your withdrawal request and advice you on the applicable interest rate. If Ok with the terms, your request will be received and the funds availed in your account in 48 hours.

View the specific details of the various investments you have in your portfolio. To view your investment details, click on the specific investment from the investment summary.

This is a summary display of your total investments set up on specific projects and their average effective rate of return. You are also able to view your set investments list by name.

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