LOOP Overdraft

Your business needs a steady flow of cash to keep it running smoothly without any hiccups or interruptions.

With a LOOP Overdraft facility, you can easily deal with unforeseen operational expenses or cover temporary cash-flow challenges to enable you to take care of occasional emergencies and easily stock up on supplies for your business whenever your account balance is running low on funds.

So whether you are covering payroll when cash flow is struggling, looking to fix equipment or a vehicle that has suddenly broken down or settle a run-away power bill,  the business LOOP Overdraft facility will help unlock your growth potential with options designed to meet your working capital requirements as you build a good credit history and boost your credit scores.

With a LOOP Overdraft facility at your fingertips, you can sleep easier and feel better prepared for whatever could come next.


Why choose to deal with business cash flow challenges with LOOP Overdraft?

Get fast access to the funds you need, as often, to help with your day-to-day cash-flow

Make flexible repayment deposits, in needs different amounts, at any time

Grow your flexible overdraft limit based on your LOOP Till and business credit assessment

Extend better payment terms to your customers, increase your sales

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