Bank Account

Your LOOP Bank Account gives you access to all the standard bank services without having to ever set foot into a physical bank branch.

With access to Investment Solutions as well as the LOOP Goals to help you manage your wealth, the LOOP Bank Account is designed to enable you grow whether at a personal or business level.

When you need a helping hand for your key moves, your LOOP bank account gives you access to long term personal loans of up to KES.3 Million, no paperwork no hassle plus access to a Buy Now Pay Later service that allows you to buy large ticket size items and repay at your preferred pace.

Why The LOOP Bank Account?

Access to a fully-fledged digital bank for your regular payment and long-term planning

Access to personal loans of up to KES.3 Million without the need to visit any branch

Access to high return Investment Solutions to help you grow your cash

Access to LOOP Goals with the ability to set up to 10 Goals and help you work towards achieving your plans

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