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Advertising on LOOP can increase your sales and brand visibility by exposing and attracting potential and current customers to your new product launches, special offers and improvements.

Apart from reminding current customers about your business, advertising on LOOP can help create or develop a distinctive brand for your business or service offering.

As a LOOP registered merchant, you get to boost your sales by advertising and extending exclusive deals to high-intent customers who are browsing or shopping from your store, offering them the best value for their money.

On LOOP Discover, you can place engaging adverts and offer amazing discounts, promotions and coupons every day to keep your customers coming back for the most affordable products or services that suit their needs.


Why choose to get advertise on LOOP?

Close sales easier, from a platform that has a strong reputation for quality and reliability

Reach and target a large number of new and finance-ready customers

Enjoy preferential advertising and placement spots, boost more and bigger sales

Get insightful statistics related to a marketing campaign and recommendations for business growth

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