Manage Stock

Accurate inventory management is key to running a successful product business.

The LOOP Manage Stock feature gives you the ability to easily track your stock and stock levels throughout your entire supply chain.

From purchasing to production to the end of a sale,  this feature gives you real-time visibility on your stock levels while generating related reports, so that you do not run into situations where your business is overstocked or understocked.

With solid inventory management, you know what’s in stock and order only the amount of inventory you need to meet demand.

When you are managing your stock on LOOP, you make it easy to request, submit, approve, and report inventory records the easy way on an intuitive platform.


Why choose to manage your inventory on LOOP?

Reduce stocking errors, know what’s in stock and order only the amount of inventory you need

Track what’s in stock and what’s on backorder, so you do not oversell products

Get better insights, easily spot sales trends and improve your stock forecasting

Improve your relationship with customers when you can deliver the right item

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