Manage Suppliers

Inconsistent service from your suppliers can break your business.

The LOOP Manage Suppliers feature enables you to prepare well ahead of a specific time period, like peak season, to order the right amount of stock from a supplier and mitigate any issues.

Manage how you engage your suppliers using LOOP, and make it easy to request, submit, approve, and report your businesses’ stock and supply records the easy way on an intuitive platform.

When managing your suppliers using LOOP, you get to work with and better manage more suppliers as it helps you reduce the risk of long wait times for products if one supplier cannot deliver on time.


Why choose to manage your suppliers on LOOP?

Avoid stock-outs and fulfil your customers’ orders with regularity

Better risk management, react better to supply chain disruptions and quality control issues

Enhance and improve good supplier relations and negotiations when you are able to consistently make orders in good time

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