The LOOP Digital Smart Wallet: A Seamless Way to Manage Your Finances

Tired of juggling multiple credit and debit cards, cash, and IDs in your physical wallet?

 The LOOP Digital Smart Wallet: A Seamless Way to Manage Your Finances

Tired of juggling multiple credit and debit cards, cash, and IDs in your physical wallet? Upgrade to a smarter and more efficient way of managing your money with LOOP, your Digital Smart Wallet.

With LOOP, you can now create a virtual version of your wallet and store all your bank cards and cash in one secure, digital hub. And say hello to a convenient and secure platform where all your bank accounts and mobile money are just a tap away. Experience a seamless and smarter way of managing your money with LOOP, giving you full control at all times. In addition, you can safely link your bank accounts, make payments with ease, and keep all your cards organised in one central location. Say hello to a world of convenience, security, and flexibility with LOOP Digital Smart Wallet.

1. A Smarter Way to Pay: The LOOP Payment Account
Say goodbye to the stress of managing your finances. The LOOP Payment Account offers a secure and convenient way to make transactions online or at a point of sale. With a dedicated mini-wallet separate from your LOOP Bank Account, you can transact directly from your payment account without having to expose your bank details.

The account allows for quick payments up to KES 300,000 daily and even offers access to an overdraft to help you stretch your money further. You can also create up to 5 virtual payment cards for your online payments, giving you more control and added security for your financial transactions. Get peace of mind with the LOOP Payment Account.

2. LOOP Payment Card: Secure and Convenient Online Shopping
The LOOP Payment Card makes online shopping easier and more secure. This feature allows you to create up to 5 Virtual Cards linked to your Payment Account, so you can transact online anytime and anywhere without exposing your bank account or physical card details. Additionally, you can manage your subscriptions by using different payment cards, giving you greater control over your finances.

To ensure your transactions are secure, the LOOP Payment Card is powered by Visa, the leader in card payment technology. So whether you’re shopping online, managing subscriptions, or simply want to keep your personal and financial information safe, the LOOP Payment Card has you covered.

3. Introducing the New LOOP Visa Debit Card – A Fusion of Style and Functionality
The LOOP Visa Debit card is the perfect fusion of style and functionality. With its minimalist black design and bold orange core, the card is sure to make a statement every time you pull it out. The card is accepted by millions of merchants worldwide, making it the ideal choice for all your payment needs.

Not only does the card look good, but it’s also safe and secure for payments at any point of sale. It is powered by Visa, ensuring that you can make payments with peace of mind. The card also features tap-to-pay technology, making it incredibly easy to make contactless transactions at any point of sale. The LOOP Smart Digital wallet offers a smart and convenient solution for managing your finances. With its innovative features such as the payment account and payment card, you can now make secure transactions online and at point of sale without exposing your bank account details.

The ability to create virtual cards and manage subscriptions makes it easier to keep track of your expenses and stay within budget. And with world-class security powered by Visa, you can have peace of mind knowing that your financial information is safe and secure. Streamline your payments and simplify your life with the LOOP digital wallet.

Unlock the full potential of seamless and secure payments with the LOOP Smart Digital Wallet. Download the app now and experience the convenience of managing all your transactions in one place.