Unbanking with LOOP is the Coolest Thing in 2017

Achieving our passions and dreams can often be difficult and time-consuming if we are forced

 Unbanking with LOOP is the Coolest Thing in 2017

Achieving our passions and dreams can often be difficult and time-consuming if we are forced to deal with the red tape, long queues and numerous hurdles of traditional banking. Sure, mobile banking has come up and has made our lives easier, but we still have to deal with the horrific bureaucracy synonymous with banking. But that’s where NCBA’s Loop comes in!

Knowing your needs of being passionately driven to achieve your ambitious dreams and goals, NCBA has introduced Loop, a new and edgy financial service, specifically designed for the mobile-first customer AKA the Instagram and Snapchat-obsessed you.


Loop is the hottest thing for anyone who is dissatisfied with the status quo and wants a break from the boring cycle of typical banking experiences. Knowing and acknowledging that the banking industry is not as convenient, user-friendly and more affordable in terms of mobile and web-based offerings, as compared to other markets, Loop aims to put financial control of your life back into your hands. And they mean it quite literally!

What makes Loop different from the traditional bank that offers mobile-banking is that it has no branches. Instead, Loop offers service centers known as Loop Stores. These are elegantly-designed social spaces with coffee and Wi-Fi, the lifelines of millennials, where financial consultants are ready to provide consumer education on Loop and any future financial needs. The stores also serve as the venue where you pick up your MasterCard debit card that comes with the service. Loop Stores are located across Nairobi: Yaya, Garden City, Mama Ngina, Sarit Centre, The Point Buruburu, and Masai Mall Rongai.


When Loop means no red tape and paperwork that surrounds traditional banking, it really means it. Every transaction, regardless of whether its utility bill payments or transfers or loan apps or setting up investments, it can all be done from your mobile phone. The service is also designed to assess your credit worthiness based on data and financial behavior, so you don’t need to visit the centre to deal with lots of paperwork to be pre-scored, assigned limits and to compare with your peers.


And best of all, because we are always struggling with extra memory issues, loop offers a unique personal financial management feature that allows you be in complete control of your money. Incredibly easy to use wand with beautifully-designed and easy-to-the-eye dashboards and visuals, the Loop provides your spending patterns over time, allowing you to create and track saving goals. Hey, that cool idea you’ve been dreaming about can finally come to life.


Long-awaited, NCBA’s Loop allows entrepreneurs, hustlers, dreamers and modern consumers like you and me to unbank with an alternative, intelligent partner in financial growth.

Join today by visiting www.ncbaloop.com

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